Cabinet for books and wine – “Et Cetera”

One of the biggest projects I’ve done so far is this shelving unit and cabinet for books and wines. At their home, they have this space they wish to use to store books and wine because it is part of the lounge area. Therefore, they asked me to design something to do just that.

It is quite a big space to fill, so I didn’t want it to be cluttered or take away the commodiousness of the room. One part of the unit is a floating shelf where wine bottles are stored on their side giving a lighter look. Next to it is a closed cabinet for storing glasses and decanters. It has tinted glass doors to attain more lightness, yet it isn’t too transparent to worry about having the inside of the cabinet be that visible.

The whole piece is on a metal frame to raise it up from the ground a bit, adding to the airiness of the room. On both ends of the unit are open shelves, one for books and the other for wine bottles, giving it a minimalistic and clean look.