Coffee People

I wasn’t a coffee drinker before I became a barista and I had no idea that this black liquid would have such a big impact on my life. I worked in a café where they roasted specialty coffee and due to increased volume they moved their roasting facilities to a bigger space. And yes, you guessed it, they needed some furniture.

At first, they asked me to make a cabinet for sample roasting, so that all items related to this would be in one place. Since the small machine works on gas, the section on the right hides the tank behind the door. Te left part consists of three drawers to organize all the necessary utilities and samples.

A couple of months later they decided to improve the workflow for packaging the coffee. Together, we came up with a solution to make small drawers for different labels and add a longer tabletop for the printer. The rest of the space is used to store some documents and tools. I also made a simple shelf to store all the boxes.