My friend is quite an audiophile and he had this dream for some time to collect vinyl records until one day, he made this impulse purchase and ordered a couple of LPs online. Having steadily increased his collection, it seemed appropriate to have a special shelf or something to store the records.
At the time, I was thinking about mixing different materials with wood. More specifically, I was thinking about using stone. On a warm summer day, we were sitting in front of a café. He asked if I could make something to display and hold his collection. It would be nice to have a place for the player as well. After a tiny brainstorm, I came up with this oak cabinet that focuses on the records themselves. To make sure they are properly displayed, I added white granite legs to the bottom.
It turned out that he didn’t have any expectations. He just thought that there’s going to be some kind of a shelf with legs under it, hence, it was a truly genuine surprise, when I finally delivered the piece. I am glad to see how happy he is to have a unique place to present his record collection.