Nelery’s dining table


I like when my creative bubble is interrupted with some cool new ideas. That’s what my very dear friend Nelery did. She just wrote me: “I want to build a dining table, myself! Can you help?”

“I had just rented my first apartment and wanted to design and decorate everything myself. I was looking for a dining table for a while but all the options looked bum or were over my budget. This led me to a thought of building a table myself. I didn’t have any experience, so I turned to Kenneth, whose quality of work and openness to ideas I thought can be a great help”

Of course, I was up for it. She had a clear idea what she wanted and I had all the necessary tools to make her idea come to life. Only this time I just had to do nothing but invite her to my workshop and tell her what to do – kind of cool for a change.

Nelery’s idea was to build a dining table with hairpin legs. As creepy or cool as this coincidence may sound, one Estonian company had just written me an email a few days before Nelery’s message and offered me to order some hairpin table legs… So right away we knew how to make it all happen. We ordered the legs and for a couple of weeks, while they were en route, we brainstormed some ideas for the table top so it would match the rest of the apartment.


When the table legs arrived, Nelery immediately invited herself to my workshop to start building the table. As she really wanted to try and do it herself, I let her do absolutely everything – from picking out the wood – she eventually chose oak –  sawing it, sanding it and finishing it with white tinted oil. After letting it dry for a day, I added a few more coats, let it dry, took my drill and delivered the table top to her apartment so she could attach the legs and finally start using her table.

“I greatly appreciate how Kenneth helped me make my idea come to life, really loved how he let me do everything myself as it was something I wanted. I am still very pleased with what we built – it couldn’t have happened without Kenneth’s help and patience.”