Stellas bed

Doing new things mostly feels uncomfortable and weird. But I know from all of my past experiences that these are the things that help you grow your skills the most. And the excitement to try something new almost always tops the feeling of discomfort. Here is a great example: one day I got a message from an acquaintance Stella asking me if I also build beds. Even though it right away sounded like an exciting project, I had to admit that I had never built a bed before, nor had I researched how to do it. But I was confident that together we will figure it all out.

“I wanted a bed that would be exactly my style and would last for a long time. I really didn’t want a bed made of particle boards, I rather imagined something pure and authentic. I also didn’t want to hassle with ordering it online so I started to look for someone skilled that could make it for me based on pictures. I chose Kenneth as I was familiar with his work and as he was recommended by some good friends of mine.”

This project took more time than expected, due to our mismatch of schedules. When I finally got my hands on the pictures Stella had shared with me I had to try and figure out all of the measurements and proportions since the photos had zero hints about any of it. People usually don’t come to me with specific pictures of what they want, therefore I am used to letting my creativity and “handwriting” join the process. The same thing happened with this project.

“Pointy bed corners are the worst things you can stumble upon. This used to happen to me a lot – thankfully not with this bed. The corners are round, which makes this bed very unique in my opinion. This bed has totally freshened up my bedroom, I sleep in it very well.”

Even though me and Stella both like how this bed turned out, it is not finished yet. Something Stella really wished for were headboard cushions, but for several reasons we couldn’t work on it right away. Now we have brought this topic on the table again and are working to make it all happen.

“Even though I am still really looking forward to also have the headboard cushions, I would really recommend Kenneth to someone, who loves a creative maker that doesn’t copy-paste your original idea but tries to top it up a notch.”

“ALSO, I really loved the photoshoot Kenneth and I had. We got some great pictures of the bed in no time. And my cat Kass and dog Astor finally got their modelling experience too.”