Coffeetable for Villu 1

Villu Likes To Plan Ahead

It was one of those mornings in early autumn where I felt like going out to eat breakfast. I visited this one cafe in city center and by coincidence, Villu happened to be there at the same time. Tallinn is quite a small city and at the time there weren’t many places who served decent specialty coffee, which makes it more likely to run into your friends, who appreciate a good brew. We chatted a bit and he shared this idea he had.

The thing is that his partner has been working with coffee for some time now and they have all kinds of brewing gear. Therefore, as a Christmas present he thought of getting her a side table for their home, where they would be able to store the equipment and also use for making coffee. This happened somewhere in the first half of October, if I remember correctly. So, we had to keep it a secret for a couple of months and we actually managed to do it surprisingly well. We were even able to give status updates about the project while all three of us were in the same room. It kind of felt like playing a bit of James Bond.

On Christmas Eve she had still no clue what the present was going to be. We had been contemplating about how should we get the table to their place and how he is going to hand over the gift. Villu decided to handle the situation in a simple yet effective manner. A little before noon, he just got dressed and told her he is going to get the present and left to pick it up from my place.

Villu has an active lifestyle and likes to hike and spend time outside, for that reason, we decided to take the table to the beachside where we brewed some coffee with a Chemex (our modest version of glamping) and captured it all on camera.

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