Stellas bed

Doing new things mostly feels uncomfortable and weird. But I know from all of my past experiences that these are the things that help you grow your skills the most. And the excitement to try something new almost always tops the feeling of discomfort. Here is a great example: one day I got a message from an acquaintance Stella asking me if I also build beds. Even though it right away sounded like an exciting

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Nelery’s dining table

I like when my creative bubble is interrupted with some cool new ideas. That's what my very dear friend Nelery did. She just wrote me: "I want to build a dining table, myself! Can you help?"

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Coffeetable for Villu 1

Villu Likes To Plan Ahead

It was one of those mornings in early autumn where I felt like going out to eat breakfast. I visited this one cafe in city center and by coincidence, Villu happened to be there at the same time. Tallinn is quite a small city and at the time there weren’t many places who served decent specialty coffee, which makes it more likely to run into your friends, who appreciate a good brew. We chatted a

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Marko and his table seen from the top

Marko’s “Heritage”

It is funny how sometimes different situations in life seem to happen just at the right time. When you read something or a picture appears on your Facebook timeline and it all tends to be connected with our most recent events. It began when my friend Marko asked me to make him a dining table and the only requirement being that it is extendable. Everything else was up to me, even the deadline. One night

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